From Living Well in Lowry, by Neighbors for Neighbors.

What happens when a conqueror of Mt. Kilimanjaro, an industrial engineer and a former English teacher cross paths? We get Lowry's newest OBGYN practice, Premier Integrated OBGYN. Dr. Sarah Payne, Dr. Diana Kumar, and Dr. Laura Boyer were residency colleagues in Denver and are thrilled to be working together again. They not only formed great friendships, but also developed a chemistry together resulting in their women's healthcare practice now located at 8101 E. Lowry Boulevard.

Dr. Boyer hails from Nebraska and attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. She later earned her medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, where she was a leader in their student global health program. She has had the opportunity to take medical service trips to Peru, Guatemala and Tanzania where she also summited Mt. Kilimanjaro.

"I was initially drawn to OBGYN on my rotation in medical school. I thought being involved in the delivery process would be incredibly exciting," explains Dr. Boyer. In terms of her practice style, she notes, "I try to get to know my patients as individuals so that I can best understand their specific goals and needs in order to figure out a plan for treatment that works best for them. Helping my patients live a better life is extremely satisfying for me."

Dr. Kumar was born and raised in Texas where she attended Texas A&M University and earned her degree in industrial engineering. She worked in the oil and gas industry before realizing she missed face-to-face interaction with people, but still had a deep love for science. She went on to earn her medical degree from her alma mater and has since found the perfect balance.

"I treat my patients as I would a friend or my mom. I want to develop a lifelong relationship with them," says Dr. Kumar. She knew she wanted to be an OBGYN when she first got to medical school. "My rotation in the OBGYN was my favorite part. At Premier Integrated OBGYN, we're all women, we're all moms, but we're at different ages and stages so we have our own experience to draw on as we relate to our patients."

Dr. Payne, the former English teacher, taught in Prague for two years where she met her husband. While finding her life partner overseas, she realized her professional passion lied elsewhere so she returned to the states to pursue her medical degree from University of South Alabama. "I was drawn to OBGYN because I enjoy treating women and I enjoy women's health care. I have an opportunity to grow with my patients from their teen years through menopause," says Dr. Payne. "Having been a teacher, I think being able to educate my patients is something they really appreciate. Being a woman and having had children myself, I can draw on my own experiences to help me connect with my patients."

The women of Premier Integrated OBGYN created their practice based on their own experiences as women and as moms. Aside from having all trained together; they each brought their personal experiences with them along with what they thought was lacking in other offices to create a place where they feel all needs can be met in one place. From family planning, normal and high-risk pregnancy, infertility, well-care exams, and fibroid and ovarian cyst treatments to minimally invasive hysterectomies and surgery, menopause management and hereditary cancer testing, you can find all your healthcare needs here.

All three doctors explained a desire to create a practice by women for women. They all deliver babies at Rose Medical Center, which is the closest and most convenient to Lowry. They also have plans to integrate ultrasound, mammography and lactation health in their office so they can continue to satisfy the needs of all patients and families. If you're looking for continuity of care and a holistic approach to your healthcare, consider Premier Integrated OBGYN. With online scheduling, a 24/7 secure patient portal and access to HealthONE network of care and convenience of Lowry, your choice just got easier.

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